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There are 1.45 billion active active daily users on Facebook.2 Social Media Worx will dig into our toolbox and bring this thriving community to your Facebook Business page.

We’ll set up a landing page that generates likes, return visits and sales!

We’ll create:

  • A profile photo for your business by creating or upgrading your logo or graphic that gives instant recognition for the type of business you have.


Twitter has 330 million monthly active users (MAUs), and grows exponentially every year. Through Twitter you can engage current and potential customers with:

  • concise messaging that allows your viewer to quickly view your story
  • calls to action that link to your Youtube account
  • customer service features that give an immediate interface


YouTube has over 1.8 billion LOGGED IN users every month.3

With video content you talk to your customers as if they are at your business and you are selling them the fine points to your product or service.

So how will these social media channels help your business? Let’s start with our sample company, La Flor, an urban flower and vegetable grower, and garden center.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Building your company’s Instagram brand along with well-targeted Instagram ads are an effective way to reach a highly engaged audience. We help you find niche audiences on Instagram by researching relevant hashtags in order to attract your company’s best audience – bringing new customers through your doors.

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Social Media Worx is a professional social media marketing company. We thrive to help our clients make 2x 4x 7x their monthly profits. We are located in the north east of Ireland. Social Media is now one of the most powerfull marketing tools with the ability to communicate with a target audience in real time. We have a number of packages but we can also create custom packages. Sign up in our website is free and we can also provide you with a free social media audit when you give us your business name and website

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