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Social media has become a very effective tool for businesses to reach their customers.

At Social Media Worx we can create a consistent marketing frequency across all four social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) that will keep your audience interested and engaged.

Each channel has their specific yet overlapping strengths; Facebook is powerful for interacting with current and potential customers, Twitter is effective for regular announcements, YouTube for narrative videos and Instagram for gorgeous photography.

To illustrate how we can reach your customer, below we have created two sample fictitious businesses; one a hotel and resort chain, Lincoln Hotels and Resorts and the second an award-winning restaurant, The Wild Rose. By example, we can show you how we use the strength and reach of each social media channel.


Lincoln Hotels and Resorts

Lincoln Hotels and Resorts has 10 properties throughout California and Europe. Their beautiful properties are popular with seasoned travelers and destination weddings.

We will help Lincoln Hotels and Resorts stay in the minds of their new and returning guests with quality, branded content via:


Instagram is a channel that 96% of travel respondents say they turn to because it encourages them to fantasize about visiting exciting places.1

On Instagram we will schedule posts such as:

  • beautiful photography from all of Lincoln’s properties (landscaping, hotel rooms, dining rooms, recreational areas, etc.)
  • Food photography from their award-winning restaurants
  • surrounding destination sites close to each resort
  • invite influencers, fans and guests to participate in Lincoln’s online photography exhibition                                        


Facebook is the social media channel to introduce your company to the world.

People spend 5 times more searching on Facebook than on travel-related apps and sites2

On Facebook, we will create an ‘About Us’ section with Lincoln Hotels and Resorts’ bio, address and general information about each specific property, a link to Lincoln’s main website and begin to build the ongoing visual and written narrative of why these resorts are so amazing.

On Lincoln’s Facebook page we will schedule posts such as:

  • Real estate announcements for newly acquired properties and remodels
  • Restaurant happenings; new menu items, chef bios, illustrated with beautiful food photography
  • Photography of local destinations and events
  • Sharing posts of local events and friends
  • Photography of the views from Lincoln’s hotel room balconies, restaurants and lounge areas



Twitter is an effective channel for making short announcements (280 characters) and attracting unique audiences with the use of hashtags.

On Twitter we will schedule posts such as:

  • Trending topics related to Lincoln’s resort and brand
  • Create posts with hashtags related to travel and the hospitality industry
  • Retweet posts from Lincoln’s followers, influencers and related content
  • Post a contest for their ‘Giving Back’ event: a free 3-day stay at the nearest Lincoln Hotel and Resort property for a military family in both the U.S. and Europe 


YouTube is the perfect channel to tell your company’s story! With video you can visually introduce your company with a walk-through just as if your customer is in the same space with you. Video is a powerful tool for hotels to showcase their rooms, the landscaping, conference rooms and restaurants.

On YouTube we will schedule videos such as:

  • Videos of signature dishes from Lincoln’s 4 Star restaurants
  • Chef interviews
  • Staff interviews
  • A walk-through with event organizers
  • Beautiful videography of the hotel’s focal points
  • Video of nearby iconographic destinations, monuments, architecture, for example
  • A professional video using actors and models of a wedding/engagement ceremony or party

The Wild Rose Restaurant

For The Wild Rose Restaurant we are going to create a buzz by showcasing the restaurant’s gorgeous interior and award-winning cuisine.


Instagram is a channel that has 800 million monthly and 500 million daily active users1.

On Instagram we will schedule posts such as:

  • Beautiful photography and video of Wild Rose’s signature and daily dishes
  • Photographs of their star chefs and happy waitstaff
  • Photographs of participating vendors and events
  • Simple recipes for fans to download and use
  • A ‘Share Your Photos of a Great Time at The Wild Rose’ contest                                       


The Wild Rose will have their general information and a mission statement on their Facebook homepage.

Facebook Has More Than 2 Billion Daily Active Users3 and we will take advantage of this huge potential audience by adding frequent and engaging content.

Facebook is a powerful platform for customer engagement and we will ask leading questions such as;

  • What is your favorite dish at The Wild Rose?
  • Have you tried our famous Green Chili Burro?
  • If you were stranded on a desert island, what are three food items you would want with you?

On The Wild Rose’s Facebook page we will schedule posts such as:

  • Announce events at the restaurant and nearby locales
  • Post unique stories about their region’s history
  • Post stories accompanied by photographs and video about the history of their unique dishes
  • Post fan contests for “My Favorite Recipe”



.On Twitter we will schedule posts such as:

  • Daily specials announcements with links to their Instagram page
  • Event announcements
  • Descriptive and visual highlights of signature dishes
  • What’s happening in The Wild Rose’s city of ___.
  • Regularly follow and retweet influencers and related companies and events


On YouTube we will schedule posts such as:

  • Videos of a curated walk-through of the restaurant hosted by The Wild Rose’s owner and their award-winning chef
  • Showcase videos of delicious plates of food being served to guests
  • Post videos of The Wild Rose’s catered events
  • Highlight videos sent in by fans from the contest, “What Was Your Favorite Evening At The Wild Rose?”. Winner gets a free dinner and drinks for four people coupon.


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